Two weeks from Monday — on the day when many of us in ministry are going to clutching our pillows and taking long naps and dreaming about the Exsultet, for the umpteenth time — Deacon Don Grossnickle is embarking on a mission trip to Africa.

You may remember him from a guest post several weeks back, describing the extraordinary work he’s undertaken with a non-profit group called Microfinance Alliance Africa Projects Foundation. (Read more about the organization here.) He dropped me a note last week to let me know about the next part of his adventure:

Traveling to Uganda, East Africa, on April 18 for a 10-day medical mission journey, I will visit eight ongoing projects which my non-profit organization supports, providing healthcare subsidies to the poor in five African dioceses.

I’ll be accompanied by Detroit photojournalist David Klein who will be chronicling the adventure. Trip plans include meetings with four new bishops. The bishops have invited the us to assist with financially struggling rural clinics serving hardship mothers and children.

Landing after a 20 + hour fight in Kampala, Uganda’s capital, we will travel to the Soroti Diocese, with stops on the way to Kasese Diocese on the western border in the Rwenzori Mountains. We expect to cover over 500 miles in eight days.

Part of the goal of this mission trip is to capture visual stories documenting both the struggles and success of efforts to give access to life-saving medical care for the poor.

Anyone who wants to follow our journey can find daily updates on my web site, at this link.

There will also be regular postings on our Facebook page: MAAPF Uganda.

Donations to help pay for fuel are greatly appreciated via the above mentioned web site!

Traveling mercies, Deacon Don! Our prayers are with you and your team.