The photo above shows part of the line outside an emergency food pantry run by a synagogue in Queens, New York. This is about four blocks from where I live. “Who is my neighbor?” Here.

The photo was taken Thursday May 28 at about 1 p.m. This actually shows about half the line. It extends another half a block or so.

I’m reminded of those who hunger for more than food. Those who hunger for dignity. Companionship. Love. Work. Justice. Peace. I recall the innumerable people around us who hunger for God’s mercy and grace in their lives.

May their hearts be filled.

Let us pray…

Most merciful God of all creation, we come to Your throne of grace with praise and thanks for all the rich blessings you have bestowed so freely upon all your children. We worship You and offer unending thanksgiving for Your love, Your justice and Your sustaining mercy.

We ask for special mercy this day for those crushed by poverty and those oppressed by forces beyond their control. We pray that those in the shadow of starvation may see the light of your presence in the form of life-sustaining food and that the hungry everywhere might be fed until they are filled.

Open our hearts, Lord, that we may see through Your eyes. Help us to love our brothers and sisters even as You love us. And let Your love, Your mercy and Your grace flow through us as we strive to meet the need of the least of these among us. In a world so richly blessed there are none that should lack daily bread. Our prayer is that You would empower us to do whatever needs to be done to see that Your gifts are shared with all our family.

 Allow us Lord to be a true ambassador of reconciliation. Grant us the strength to be real peacemakers. And may our lives be a clear reflection of Your love and compassion in every situation.