This video has become a sensation, and with good reason.

From Reuters: 

A single-take video shot with a drone flying through a Minnesota bowling alley has been hailed as “stupendous” by a string of celebrities and big-name film-makers.

The near 90-second video titled Right Up Our Alley — filmed and produced at night on March 2 by Rally Studios — begins outside where the drone swoops in from across the street and through the doors of Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

From there, the drone flies in and around bowlers in the lanes and drinkers at the bar, going in between legs and into the back compartment where the bowling pins are swept up and set up and all around — all in one shot.

Lee Unkrich, who directed the Pixar animated feature Coco, said it was “one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen”.

“Jaw on the floor,” he said in a tweet.

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But first: drop everything and just watch this. It’s mesmerizing: a feat of imagination and technical wizardry that will leave you giddy.