No, he’s not palling around with the Pope — at least, not yet. But he’d love to, if he could.

As you may recall, America’s unofficial archdeacon had spinal surgery back around Valentine’s Day (see what I did there?) and he’s on the mend. But it’s a long slog.  I got a text message today from Bill’s wife, Diann:

On Saturday afternoon, Bill was transferred to rehab, at the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of North Tampa. He will be there until March 3/4/5, depending on how he does. He is pushing himself very hard to get better. Their food is good, so he’s eating better and regaining his strength. After his release, he’ll have professional home care and continued therapy. We are being told he’s looking at nearly a year to recover.

Clearly, he has a long road ahead. So offer a prayer, whisper an “Ave” when you have a spare moment, or take some time to dedicate a rosary to his recovery. Every little bit helps!

I’ll post more when I know more.

You are loved, brother! Know that you are in many prayers! Get well!