He offered a pointed message to the faithful during his Mass this morning—and it will resonate, I think, with deacons.

From CNS: 

Everyone is born to be a servant of God, yet they are also sinners, Pope Francis said.

What is important, then, is for people to recognize their sins, feel shame and ask for forgiveness, he added.

However, there also are people who are innocent of a crime and yet are sentenced unjustly, the pope said in his opening prayer at Mass April 7.

During the live broadcast of his morning Mass, the pope began by noting how Holy Week includes reflections on the persecution of Jesus by the doctors of the law who “have it in for him.”

Jesus was innocent, yet he was persecuted and judged harshly, the pope said.

“I would like to pray today for all people who suffer an unjust sentence because of vindictiveness,” he said at the start of Mass.

The pope made no mention of Australian Cardinal George Pell, who was released from prison just a few hours before the pope’s Mass began. Australia’s High Court overturned the cardinal’s conviction on charges of child sexual abuse…

… The Christian’s vocation is always to serve, he said, “not profit from our position in the church.”

Serving entails giving oneself for God and others, and when people distance themselves from their vocation to serve, he said, “they distance themselves from God’s love and they build their life on other kinds of love, many times idolatrous.”

In life, people fall into sin, “each one of us is a sinner and can fall and has fallen,” the pope said.

…Jesus was a faithful servant, whose vocation was to serve even to the point of death on the cross, the pope said.

“Let us think about each one of us, a part of the people of God: We are servants, our vocation is to serve, not profit from our position in the church. To serve. Always in service.”

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