This video below is circulating widely on social media: a father in Ukraine sending his daughter to safety, while he stays behind to fight for this country.

Pray for Ukraine.


To the world and to humanity we once more dare to address the meek and solemn word, Peace.

Peace is not a purely ideal dream.

It is, and must be, a reality— a dynamic reality and one to be generated at every stage of civilization, Peace is an equilibrium that is based on motion and continually gives forth energy of spirit and action;

It is intelligent and living courage.

We beseech all men and women of good will to begin once more to reflect on peace in the world today!

We would like to be able to dispel the threatening nightmare of war by proclaiming at the top of our voice the absurdity of war and the absolute necessity of peace.

Peace is not founded on the power of arms that today are endowed with an infernal capacity for destruction, but is founded on the patient, rational and loyal method of justice and freedom.

Violence is not courage. It is the explosion of a blind energy that degrades those who give in to it, lowering them from the rational level to the level of passion. It looks for ignoble ways of expressing itself: insidious attacks, surprise, physical supremacy over a defenseless adversary. It takes advantage of surprise and terror and of its own madness.

Violence is antisocial by reason of the very methods that allow it to be organized into group complicity, in which a conspiracy of silence forms the binding cement.

Violence leads to revolution and revolution to the loss of freedom. Perhaps it is appropriate to recall Christ’s phrase: “…all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” Let us remember therefore that violence is not courage.

Violence does not ennoble the one who has recourse to it.

— St. Pope Paul VI