A Prayer for My Marriage

Lord, as I go about my ministry
and seek to live out this beautiful vocation,
may I always remember and cherish
my first vocation, marriage.
Let me never get so caught up in
schedules, classes, meetings, liturgies and homilies
that I neglect my great collaborator in it all,
my wife.
Keep my heart always focused on
the vows I made to her
before I vowed my life to you,
so that I can be, first and foremost, a deacon to my wife.
Help me to remember to serve her before all others,
and to do it
with tenderness, with passion, with strength,
and with love.
Above all, with love.
Open my heart to realize
I am your deacon
because first I was her husband.
May we continue to grow together in faith, hope and love,
so that we may serve each other
while serving you,
as long as we both shall live.


— From A Deacon Prays