Be a savvy savior and bring life to an old church in Northern New York.

Convert it into a home, yoga studio, community space, or even art center. The possibilities are endless for someone with a vision.

The town of DeKalb owns the former St. Henry’s Catholic Church in DeKalb Junction. The town purchased it in 2014 for $10,500 from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg because the church was no longer used as a place of worship. The town initially wanted to renovate the church into a multi-purpose space for a library, community center, and additional office space.

However, Town Supervisor John Frary said it’s expensive to renovate the church and have it meet current codes for public use. Among the required work includes making it handicapped-accessible, installing a new heating system, rewiring the electricity, and putting in new windows. Because the basement’s low ceiling is about 7-foot high, Frary says it can only be used as storage rather than public space.

The church’s stained glass windows and pews have been removed. Frary said the hardwood floors and area of worship are in very good condition. Half of the roof has been replaced and the other half is in good shape, he said. The church and a lot across the street are being sold together. There’s still a choir loft, confession booth, and a basement which has smaller rooms and kitchen.

“I’m just hoping that someone who decides to purchase the building will put it to good use whether it’s for the public or a private home,” said Frary.

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