The endlessly enterprising Michael Bayer in Chicago has spearheaded this effort, and it’s a superb resource.

It’s called With Your Spirit, and it’s a searchable database for livestreamed Masses across the United States. To my knowledge, it’s the only resource of its kind.

Try it out here. 

As Michael noted when he alerted me to this effort:

None of us has the ability to keep track of all the different churches and dioceses listing their livestreams, so this project relies on individuals working for parishes, universities, dioceses, and religious orders to take 2 minutes to fill out this Google Form with info about your Mass and the link of where to find it.

There’s no money involved in this project, no company behind it. It’s a grassroots effort to try and get as many people as possible connected with one another in spiritual communion and virtual celebration of the Mass during a time of social distancing. I ask you to please consider sending this link to as many people as you know, so that the database can grow and be ever more comprehensive!

It’s obviously a living document, and a work in progress, but what a welcome one!  Kudos to all involved!