This latest video from Bishop Robert Barron says something we all need to hear right now:

We should be outraged by those who send virulent comments to one another, preventing actually fruitful evangelical conversation. Calumny, the mean-spirited accusation of another person, is a violation of both charity and justice. Who could possibly blame a non-believer for thinking, “I don’t want any part of that group” if they see how Catholics engage each other on social media?

Watch below.

In a related matter, David Mills recently took issue with how easily some of us mock others — even the dead:

Why is “It’s a joke” a universal excuse for saying whatever you want? Many people who should know better say the worst things and when someone objects, excuse it with “It’s just a joke.”

Everyone can think of someone they know who does this. Often teenage boys who won’t control their speech. When they offend someone, they don’t apologize. They complain, “I was just joking” or “Why can’t people take a joke” or “Everyone’s so sensitive.”

Add columnist Michelle Malkin to that group.

Read on to find out why.