This is going to be something to see.

Last night, during the Oscars, the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s “West Side Story” was unveiled.

Of the many things that struck me — the dancing, the color, the sheer energy of it — one thing deserves special mention.


The Catholicism of the characters was a prominent part of the original film; the lead, after all, is named Maria, and she is shown in moments of prayer. The iconic dance at the gym takes place in what is clearly a Catholic school, and even the opening moments, with Jerome Robbins unleashing his dancers around the Upper West Side, shows the gang members facing off outside a church rectory. Religion is woven into the lives of the characters.

Catholicism looms large, too, in this first look at the new film. One of the first images is of a Catholic church, which then cuts to a shot of a candle being placed before a small statue of Mary (which reminded me of how Spielberg began “Schindler’s List,” with the striking of a match and the lighting of a candle).

Take a look.