A friend caught this post on Instagram and passed it along. It caught fire on social media Thursday night, and now Newsweek is trumpeting the news that the embattled pop music icon says she has become Catholic.

At the end of the Instagram post, Britney Spears writes to her fans:

“I just got back from mass … I’m Catholic now … let us pray!!!”

I haven’t found anything else online about her joining the Catholic Church, and there’s been no official response from her camp.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about her religious background:

Born in the Bible Belt, where socially conservative evangelical Protestantism is a particularly strong religious influence, she was baptized as a Southern Baptist and sang in a church choir as a child. As an adult, she has studied Kabbalist teachings.

Last year, she had this to say about her religious beliefs

“I grew up Baptist,” she says. “But I studied Kabbalah so I go back and forth—but I do believe there is a god.”

In an interview with V Magazine in 2016, Spears spoke about her beliefs, saying: “My relationship with god and myself, and that’s what matters to me.” She added: “I really don’t care what most people think.”

Keep her in your prayers!  And stay tuned.

Image: YouTube