A remarkable journey: check out this profile of Deacon Peter Okahima, who will — as of Saturday June 27 — be Father Peter, when he is ordained a priest for the Diocese of Brooklyn.

From the diocese:

Rev. Mr. Peter Okajima, raised in a family that did not practice religion, is a late vocation who had a career in finance, was married with two children, divorced, and had his marriage annulled. Throughout his life, Mr. Okajima always felt in his heart that something was missing, which led him to the Church. Peter converted to Catholicism and soon thereafter, enrolled at the Pope St. John XXIII Seminary at the advice of Bishop DiMarzio.

Peter’s father was a Japanese translator for General Douglas McArthur’s team during the surrender aboard the USS Missouri at the end of World War II. Peter’s mother was held in a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

Check out the video below, from NET-TV in the Diocese of Brooklyn, for more.

Ad multos annos!